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8/12/13 sermon notes - Pastor Joseph Prince

Today we will compare Luke 15 and Luke 14

A lot of questions believers are asking- what about discipleship and forsaking all u have and becoming Jesus’ disciples.

Luke 15:1- starts with the word “THEN” which means after the event in Luke14. So we know it is chronologically ordered.

The Pharisees were there.

This Man receives sinners and eats with them- what a wonderful accusation. I hope we are accused of this too. God wants you to be a friend of sinners because our LORD is also a friend of sinners.

Luke 15- world of God. After they complained, Jesus told the parables of the lost sheep, lost coin, prodigal son—— parables of grace. Compare w parables of demand in Luke 14

Law demands. Grace supplies. Law has generational curses. Grace remembers our sins and lawless deeds NO MORE. At the Cross, God remembered all our sins on Christ and they were punished on Him in our stead so God doesn’t remember our sins no more. Don’t live under the wrong covenant

Grace proclaims the good news everywhere.

Luke 14:1-7

Jesus stepped into the house (aka man’s world where everything depends on your outward facade, scholastic ability, financial title, trappings).

Matthew 12- rejected by the Jews. Jesus left the house and sat by the seaside. =Left Israel to preach good news to the Gentiles.

The Pharisees (not any Pharisee, one of the rulers) invited him and watched him closely. Scrutinised. Jesus didn’t feel at home in the house of men but he went.

Someone with dropsy (elephantitis) came. Jesus healed him and asked Pharisees which of u if u have a donkey fall into a pit won’t rescue them even though it is a sabbath day?

How Jesus reacted in these two worlds, remember He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Before Jesus rescues u from the pit he isn’t going to ask u questions before healing u. U see a sick man, u heal him. Freely u receive, freely u give.

Jesus didn’t read the book how to win friends obviously from the way he responded to the Pharisees.


Some people to think God doesn’t want us to be exalted. No. God doesn’t want us to exalt ourselves or we have to maintain our own exaltation and position. Have to keep looking behind u all the time. God wants u to exalt u. And when God exalts u, what can man do? So humble yourself and let God exalt u. God’s hands are bigger. Not about us or man exalting us.

When Jesus spoke about the party and invitees, Jesus was talking about the party he was attending where men were showing off to men. He was telling the host in front of everyone not to just invite the rich neighbors. Invite the blind, the maimed, the poor, the lame and u shall be blessed.

Then he shared three parables of demand.

1) A certain man held a great supper and invited many (por-lose= many in Greek). Man didn’t set out this feast. God did. The supper had a rich spiritual spread never seen before. Asked servant to announce “Come for ALL things are now ready.” ALL- encompasses all the things troubling u. It is free not because it is cheap but because it is priceless. It is free because someone paid with His blood and His name is Jesus. All the claims fully met and satisfied. Satan defeated. Men liberated. God glorified. A perfect work. Jesus sat down at the Father’s right hand because His work was complete. Not because of who He is.

The Son prepare the feast with His blood- there is healing, deliverance, favour at that table. The bread of life is at that table.

This servant is also mentioned in Gen24. Isaac is a hidden portrait of Jesus in the OT. Isaac is considered the son, the only son, the son that Abraham loved. Son of Grace. Ishmael son of Law. Abraham saw the vision of the real lamb of God. The lamb came that Isaac didn’t have to die. Abraham sent his unnamed servant to find a bride of Isaac- this became longest chap of Genesis. Servant is unnamed because Holy Spirit came not to draw attention to self but to JESUS. Jesus said of the Comforter (HS), “He shall glorify me”.

Back to parable- Son prepared feast, HS to call the invitees.

A richer feast cannot be put before men than this feast. No need of men that cannot be met at this table. U would have thought men would break down the door and rush to the table, but they have stupid and illogical excuses as to why they can’t come to the feast.

One guy said he bought the land and must go see it. Another guy said he bought oxen and must go check them out. Who buys land before seeing it? Or buys oxen before trying them out?

So consumed by the world that they can’t see what is good for him.

A child fed with so much candy, will opt for candy over what is good for him. Does he know the candy is not good for him? Of coz - his parents would have told him that many times.

Let us not look down on these men. Many of us would have made the same kind of choices. Many of us would have also given up Jesus for Barabas to be released.

What made the master angry? V21
He has so much goodness and healing and love that we can’t take a drop to consume His goodness, opting for the corrupt systems of this world.

Grace not well received because men always wanna do something (DIY).

HS brings all the maimed, poor, sick etc and still there is room

God’s grace is always greater than sin. His supply overexceeds our needs and demands.

The lamb is always more than what we can consume. We can eat until we are full and there are still twelve bucketfuls leftover.

If only u knew the infinite value of that MAN, u would know He can die for the past, present and future and there will still be much more leftover.

The first Adam can’t undo his sin by doing right. U can’t undo your position of being a sinner by doing right.

Yet some preachers tell people that be careful, if u do something wrong, u will undo what the last Adam did. How can that be? Are we saying the last Adam is lesser than the first Adam? That the first Adam did so great that we can’t undo the unrighteousness yet what the last Adam did was so little that he cannot do what the first Adam did? Something wrong here…

The hedge represents the curtain. Bring in from the highways and hedges because there is still room.

What is it about us that we need to be compelled (forced) and not just invited to come?

One day we are gonna be in Heaven and see that perfection God intended for us and in a state of good health and bliss, and realise we are all compelled guest. God doesn’t compel disregarding our will. He does so by making us willing. One morning Zachaeus suddenly wakes up and wants to climb the tree to see Jesus, the prodigal son one day realises he needed to go back to his father—— they were compelled.

If God doesn’t make u see, u won’t see it.

John 6:65-68—11 Jesus said “No one can come to Me unless it has been granted to him by My Father” & many of the disciples (not the twelve) left out of pride. They were upset it was told to them that God was the one opened their eyes and they were not given credit because they themselves saw it for themselves.

The many (the por-lose) = the multitude in v26

Some come to Jesus as a pattern, a great teacher, a great healer but not as a saviour.

Teach me what u know and what u did to cleanse the leper so I can do the same.

U can come to Jesus to learn success but not receive for Him. Everyday we need saving from our lust, stress, worry, bad habits etc. How do u treat Jesus? Yes Jesus is a good example but his calling for us is not to be an example but as our Saviour.

Ephesians 5:1- be mimickers—— as God’s agapetos—- know u are loved by Father will imitate their Father. Bring up kids by showing love. When know they are loved, will mimic their parent.

See Amplified of Eph5:1-

Humble yourself and everyday let Him know we have a lot of saving for Him to do but it is ok. His name is SAVIOUR.

Jesus doesn’t just save once in a while. His job is always to save. Even saving your face.

Ps share he used to study discipleship in the last. Not mocking it. Discipleship means learner in Greek. Jesus had His disciples. Doesn’t mean they all are saved. They are all learners. Not against discipleship but dismayed when people exalt Discipleship over SONship.

Jesus said u want me to be an example, u give up everything and die on the Cross for mankind. Can u?

Discipleship was never mentioned after the book of Acts. We must not exalt discipleship over grace and SONship.

Discipleship see Him as a pattern but not as a saviour. Prideful. Self righteousness.

Luke 14 last verse enters into first verse of like 15. All the tax collectors and sinners drew to hear Jesus and in that moment His heart gave out the three parables of grace. They come to be saved and He loves it.

Once u experience His love then can u mimic Him.

The moment a sinner draw nears to Jesus and make that connection with Him as Saviour and not teacher, His heart is moved.

Luke 15- lost sheep parable

One person who repents bring much joy to heaven.

How did the lamb repent? The lamb consented to be loved, to be saved, to be carried, to rest on His strong shoulders and rest in His love. That is bible repentance.

And what shepherd would leave 99 to seek 1? Only the true shepherd. He went, He found, He carried, He rejoiced!

All these three parables are about us or our joy in the matter of salvation.

All three parables are about God’s joy and that only. God’s joy in recovering u, saving u, redeeming u. About the finder’s joy, not the joy of those found.

God’s world is made happy by sinners entering into it.

We misquote and say angels rejoice when sinners are saved. No. The angels are present in the rejoicing but the joy belongs to the Saviour. See Luke 15:10- who is rejoicing? GOD.

Woman who found lost coin- UNCOMMON JOY.

GOD finding and redeeming me has formed His joy.

Jesus entered the self righteous world of Pharisee and was uncomfortable. “If that world disappoints u, come to My world.” If he didn’t seek, we would not have been found.

By Galilee, Emmanuel LORD. And to the broken and humbled He taught. In streams of beauty, man could not see. Angels of glory, watching over him. Love has come down. Love has come down. Hear the joyful sound, love has come down.

You went away back to Your home. But You have said we will need be alone. You sent Your spirit down from above. Your Holy Spirit, spirit of love. Love has come down. Love has come down. Tell it all around, love has come down.

Love has come down, love has come down. Hear the joyful sound, love has come down.

Come. Come all thing are now ready. Come take the water of life freely= last command of holy scripture. Come and take. Salvation is free- paid for by the blood of Jesus but free for you. Come. Take.

He suffered my curses that I might be blessed. Amen.

I believe many Christians in the West avoid the city because it is filled with “the other.” Because cities are filled with people who are completely unlike us, many Christians find this disorienting. Deep down, we know we don’t like these people or don’t feel safe around them. But see how easily we forget the gospel! After all, in the gospel we learn of a God who came and lived among us, became one of us, and loved us to the death, even though we were wholly other from him. The city humbles us, showing us how little we are actually shaped by the story and pattern of the gospel. - Thomas Keller
Food for thought 

iPhone lost in Malaysia, restored to us. The LORD is a GOD of ALL things impossible =) Praise Jesus!!

We have just returned from a trip to Penang with my husband’s parents and our toddler. It was a blessed trip which had Daddy God’s handprints all over it-  we had our rooms upgraded twice (from superior to deluxe, and then again to premium deluxe), the stormy skies cleared to give way to fine weather during our stay then getting stormy again after we arrived at the airport for our flight home, we happened to stay at a hotel right next to where a friend of mine works so we could fellowship over meals and she even got us rebates for the hotel we stayed at as it was affiliated to her employer, I could go on about all the wonderful blessings we received during this trip, but one of the greatest evidence of Abba’s amazing grace and love this time round was the way He returned my iPhone to me. This was a huge testimony to our family, our children, our friends and to us. 

We had just touched down in Penang and we boarded a taxi to take us fro  the Airport to the hotel in the City. During the ride, as the cab was squeezy, my bag was placed on the floor. When I took out toys out to placate my toddler who was fussing, I zipped my bag but not fully.

About 5 minutes after disembarking at the hotel, I wanted to take my iPhone out to snap some photos. It was then that I realised that my iPhone was gone! I dug through my bag frantically but it was not there. My iPhone had no signal (I did not apply for mobile roaming) and was still on airplane, silent mode.  There was no way to call my iPhone to see if someone would return it. I could not use the application called “Find my phone” either. 

My father-in-law had the taxi booking ticket issued by the taxi company but it did not have the license plate of the cab we took. The hotel concierge was very kind to us and I am sure it was the LORD’s abounding favor. He helped me dial the taxi company’s airport office for half an hour non-stop, using both the hotel phone and his personal mobile phone. Despite his repeated attempts, no one answered the phone. It felt like a lost cause as each minute flew us by and it was such a horrible way to start our 5 day holiday. In my iPhone are treasured photos & videos, my precious sermon notes and quiet time memos- these are all priceless to me. 

I had my anointing oil with me so taking it out and anointing our hands, my husband and I prayed quietly in tongues even as my parents in law declared my iPhone would be found by the grace of our LORD Jesus Christ. I prayed at one point, “Jesus is. So Jesus is also my iPhone’s restoration to me. Amen!” Right then, I heard the concierge speaking to someone on the phone. Someone had FINALLY picked up the phone at the taxi company’s airport office. The concierge quickly updated us - the telephone operator was going to let the drivers know that I had dropped my iPhone in their cab and would wait for someone to respond before getting back to us.

A part of me felt some anxiety. Have we now shot ourselves in the foot? Would the driver know to look for our iPhone and keep it for his personal gain? An iPhone costs very dear and can be sold for several hundred dollars. I am sure that is a lot in Ringgit. My neighbor had just dropped her iPhone in Singapore and lost it for good recently. But right away the LORD placed in my heart a reminder from 2 Kings 6 where Elisha threw a stick into the water and the iron axe head floated. I was also reminded of Ps Prince’s account of how Jessica’s lost retainer in a bin at Little India was recovered despite it being an impossible situation too. The LORD is no respecter of persons and I was sure that the iPhone would find its way back to us. He is a God of ALL things possible. 

About 25 minutes or so later, the concierge came over to let us know that the driver had contacted the operator. He had found my iPhone under his chair. Apparently, when he braked, it fell out from my bag under his chair. This is why the passenger after us did not see my iPhone and also why we did not see it when we did our usual cursory glance back at the seats before we shut the taxi’s door when we disembarked earlier on. I was told that he was on his way back to us with the iPhone and would just require us to pay for the metered fare for the trip and nothing more. 

Less than 2 hours after I discovered my iPhone was gone, I was reunited with it. I am extremely grateful to Daddy God for His faithfulness and goodness to me. I am sure the cab driver is a person of integrity but I have no doubt that the LORD must have directed us to an honest driver and put it in this driver’s heart to do the right thing. We were able to enjoy the rest of the trip without any further heartbreak. All praise to Jesus! 

8/9/13 Sermon Notes (Ps Lawrence @ NCC SG)

Our God is a good God!

Doesn’t matter what u are going through in your life, look at Jesus and His unmerited favour. You are God’s beloved. His love is greater than your trials and will turn it around for good. What the devil means for evil against you, He will turn to good.

Recently Ps L’s son (4yo Josh Benjamin Lim) came to him- “papa, I am asking u a question.” He is at an age where he wants to ask everything under the Sun. “What is the distance btw the Sun and the earth?” Ps L whipped out his google on his iPhone. Answers easily found online these days but there are also questions u can’t find online. Questions like: “Papa why is the green ninja more powerful than the other ninjas?” Ps L Wikipedia-ed and googled but there were no answers. So he threw a smoke bomb back. “You know Josh, the colour green is a special colour and has tremendous power. So when the ninja wears his green suit, he becomes more powerful.” XD The kid bought it. :)


A kid once asked a dad “Why do u say Amen and not Awomen after prayers?” Dad said “That is why u sing hymns not hers.”

Son: How much does it cost to get married
Dad: I don’t know because I am still paying for it

Son: Dad, I heard in China some men don’t know their wives before they get married.
Dad: No. It happens everywhere.

Have u done something you don’t like to do but u do it any way because it is the right thing to do or because you do it out of love? Element of sacrifice due to love.

What about our LORD? Was there something He did because He loves us but He didn’t like to?

Matthew 26:36-39

Gethsamane- it means olive lol press

Jesus was sorrowful and deeply distressed. Exceedingly sorrowful even to death. Prayed “O my Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.”

He was praying because His soul was exceedingly sorrowful. We understand from His prayer it was about a cup but what is this cup? Why did it give Him such sorrow??. We have never seem Jesus behave like this at any point in the bible. He has shed tears- eg Lazarus died- before but not like this.

Is this Cup one of physical pain and suffering humiliation?

Jesus was not afraid of pain or suffering or humiliation. So what is this cup about?

Why we can deduce Jesus is not afraid of pain? Luke 12:4 No need to fear those who can harm us physically.

Cup of divine wrath that is poured out on sin. See Isaiah 51:17, Jeremiah 25:15, Revelation 16:19 

This cup is the cup of God’s anger and judgment, “the cup of the wine of the fierceness of His wrath”.

Jesus is the sinless son of God. 1 Peter tells us He did no sin. Corinthians says He knew no sin. He had no appetite or ability to sin. We can sin in our minds and actions and motives. Not Jesus. So for Him to become sin, to take on that cup of wrath, it was a horrendous thought for Him. We will never ustd sin like God ustd sin.

Some of us see sin as different sized sin. But in God every sin must be punished. Won’t appreciate His holiness until we see how Jesus shrank at receiving sin and also the fury that will come from God.

Lk22:44 Jesus was under tremendous stress so capillaries burst and blood mix w sweat in the glands and he perspired blood

Olive oil received after olives are crushed and pressed.

Because He was crushed so His oil of joy and anointing is in our lives today.

Our LORD was crushed at the garden of Gethsamane and not crushed because He was a helpless victim at the cross.

Jet Li in Wong Fei Hong stepped into a Church and saw Jesus nailed on the cross. Asked his friend why the God of Christianity is portrayed as God who is so weak, suffering at the Cross.


Was Jesus weak and helpless? Was it because He couldn’t overcome the soldiers who scourged Him so He had to die on the Cross??

John 10:10-11 

I AM the good shepherd. The good shepherd GIVES HIS LIFE for the sheep.


Going to the cross was a CONSCIOUS decision to lay His life for us.

10:18- No one takes it from Me but I lay it down myself… I have the power to lay it down and power to take it again

John 18:4-8

Jesus knew all things that would come upon Him, went forward—— who came to arrest who and who went forward? Does this look like someone resisting arrest and unwilling to lay His life down? He had decided He would go to the Cross. Not flinching.

When Jesus said I AM HE, and they all fell to the ground, this would have been the perfect time to run away if He wanted to flee. But that was not even an option He considered.

Even in the midst of His arrest, He had time to love and protect His disciples.

Man of courage. Fearless. Not a single ounce of fear of man in Him. Jesus is not as BOLD as a lion, HE IS THE LION. He is completely Unafraid of the Cross. Don’t u think He would flinch at the thought of the piercings and stripes because He knew by His stripes u will be healed. He went through it all so U can be blessed.

Jesus was offered wine mixed w gall which would numb the mind and relieve the pain. But He rejected it. Wanted to feel the full brunt of it so He can relieve our pain.

May pulpits preach of Jesus’ great love. May we know we serve a great God. May we know the greatest love story.

Matt 26: 51-52

"One of those who was with Him"= Peter

See verse 53 and 54

Jesus Himself said He can at any point pray to the Father and the legions of angel armies could come to Him. Not a single earthly army could overcome Jesus.

Even though they wanted to kill Jesus, they could not. No one could touch Him as He walked in their midst. Only when He laid His life down could they hurt Him.

Jesus had the time to restore the ear of the soldier whose ear was cut off in the midst of the commotion of His arrest. He is the Prince of peace in the midst of the commotion. This soldier was probably converted and realise He is the LORD. No matter what you have said of Jesus, may U see how good He is. To not just know of His love but to be loved by Him.

The Cross defines history. The Gregorian calendar… This year is AD2013. The year of our LORD Jesus Christ. Even the calendar you use to mark your events in you life is defined by Christ. May the Cross always mark your life.

Sometimes feel nothing but must KNOW you are the beloved of God BECAUSE of the Cross, not because u got your fav parking lot or there was no Q at your fav food stall.

Those are good things to experience, but the focal point of daily living and why you know u are loved should be the one event - The Cross.

Focus on all Jesus has done for u and the passion of the cross be fresh on your kind. Don’t focus on what you lack.

Once Ps L had a nightmare where he had lost everything. No wife, no kids, nothing. For a moment there he felt afraid. But the LORD placed in his heart- even if u lose all the outward things, everything will be ok as long as we know we have not lost His love.

So many things we can give thanks for in life but let the Cross be the first thing u thank God for. When u know u are loved, u know He will turn the situations around for our good. Praise the LORD for He is good. As long as He is good, whatever men means for evil, it will be turned around for good.

The greatest atrocity of men is the crucifixion of the one who knew no wrong on the Cross. Judas even knew he had betrayed innocent blood. Yet in this greatest act of evil, God turned it around to bring the greatest good to mankind.

Jesus was never afraid but He went through the Cross.

Matthew 26:67-68

Not just one who spat on Jesus. THEY spat at Him. To spit at someone is to despise and hate a person. To think the person is the lowest thing on Earth.

Our human reaction is to fight back if someone spits on us or hits us.

Jesus did not fight back when they spat on Him or was hit.

See Isaiah 50:6. They didn’t beat Jesus because He was weak and didn’t fight back. He received it and allowed them to. This is what the LORD did for u. He gave His back and His face to receive every humiliation and pain and suffering that you may be free.

Isaiah 52:14 NLT

Jesus was so disfigured He did not even look like a human being. We all want to look good and like to look good. But look at Jesus.

It bears well for u to know that Jesus was really good looking- the lily of the valley, He who is altogether lovely, fairest of ten thousand- charismatic in every sense of the Word. Look at Him, u will want to look at Him some more. He was a man’s man. Winsome.

Only at the Cross was He disfigured. For us.

Pastor L jokes -
“Josh, who do U think is the most handsome man in the world?”
“I know. That one is given. After Jesus, who??”
“Pastor Prince.”


He was disfigured so we will be filled with His favour before God and man. We shine with His glory.

Isaiah 53:2 He traded His beauty so we can be beautiful before God today.

Matt 27:45-46
Jesus died on the Passover. 14th day of Nissan. There was a full moon.

V45- for three hours 12pm to 3pm there was darkness in the land. Entire earth. But u can’t have solar eclipse when there is a full moon. Solar eclipse can only happen for at most a certain number of minutes. Not for three hours.

Why was there supernatural darkness? The Light of the world was extinguished. God turned His back on His Son so He will never turn His back on us.

Ps L parents had a broken marriage, family violence and his mum left after an argument. His parents divorce and Ps L and his sister didnt even know. He was v angry w his mum then. Felt abandoned.

He can laugh about it today only because she is born again.

Husband leaves wife for Peahen. Wife leaves for Peacock. Parents leave kids because they are too much of a burden.

We leave because of selfish reasons.

Even if you feel your marriage isn’t working out. We have a big God. Do not abandon your children. Abandonment hurts.

That is why Ps22 was fulfilled on the Cross. God literally abandoned Christ on the Cross. Eli Eli Lama Sabachtani

Amos 8:9-10 The Sun went down at noon precisely when Christ died.

When God punishes sin, it usually involves the death of the firstborn son- cutting off all men’s hope. We all ought to have our firstborn son killed but God’s ONLY son died at the cross for u and I.

Jesus cry out I THIRST. Did He really thirst? He said it so that He could drink the sour wine- a type of curse that comes upon mankind from God. He was fulfilling a messianic prophecy. Despite being in excruciating pain, He had the frame of mind to fulfil messianic prophecies.

Probability of winning 1st prize in lottery (4D, Toto) = 1/10000

Probability of a man fulfilling all the 332 distinct messianic prophecies in Scriptures= 1/ 84 with 97 zeros trailing behind.

The truth is the truth whether u believe it or not. He is the Son of God because He fulfilled all these prophecies and because He is the Son of God, you are loved by Him. He died on the Cross for u and did everything for u.

Cup of divine wrath and fury of God.

If ur wife asks u for a diamond ring and u give a frying pan, u will be in the frying pan.

God gives beyond what we ask for. He is a God of more than enough. That is why Jesus didnt just shed His blood for us. We just want a cup from Him. He didn’t just give us a cup. He received above and beyond and all the scourging and pain and torture… So we will never be grieved and sorrowed and cursed again.

He was anointed with oil of gladness above all His fellows… A joyful saviour. He left joy with us because He is joy. If He had none, He wouldn’t be able to give joy. He was the life spring of joy. This same Jesus, the darling of Heaven, He became a Man of Sorrows. Why? So u will never have to be sorrowful again. Fulfilled every prophecy. Why he bothered to? So u know for sure u are loved. He loves u.

Man of Sorrows - sung

GOOD ADVICE Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. PROVERBS 3:5 OUR IMMEDIATE AND NATURAL instinct is to trust what we can see, touch, and feel and to rely on our ability to figure out solutions to any problem. When the chips are down, we “lean” on our ability to analyze situations and figure out what to do next. In fact, many of us become obsessed with figuring out what to do when times are tough. We call it “worry.” We can’t concentrate on the job in front of us because we’re still thinking about the problem, situation, or comment that absorbs our minds. We can’t sleep because we go over our fears and our plans again and again. We create scenarios and weigh options. We try to imagine others’ responses, and our fears compound. Leaning on our ow…
Zig Ziglar
Zig Ziglar - The One Year Daily Insights with Zig Ziglar (One Year Signature Line)The One Year Daily Insights with Zig Ziglar (One Year Signature Line)
(Via Douknowthelamb)
Tragedy may hit all of us in one way or another, but fate’s not our enemy, Brooke. We are. By locking yourself away from the world, you choose your own mistakes and destroy any chance of ever finding happiness. You cannot control life, but you can choose who you are and what you make of it.

J.C. Reed

(OK this is not Christian but it is true. When people close themselves up and become very introspective, cynical and fearful, they cannot step out to grab at the new things and new possibilities for them because the old things are still being tightly gripped in their hands.)

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